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The Future of Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is an evergreen industry and continuously evolves with time to suit the growing needs of the consumers. With new technologies emerging in the field every day, the future of this industry is all about automation and personalisation. These two terms are opposites but when balanced correctly, can enhance the guest experience to a new level.

Recent advancements in social media and robotics are already making a mark on this staff dependent industry. In the future, Customers will be able to book hotels with just a touch without any human interface. Front desks in the lobby will pave the way for booking kiosks where customers would be able to book a room without manual help. 

They would be able to choose all the specifications like room size, food preferences and stay options on the go and select the preferred one. Social medium is one of the key drivers of the hotel economy as recent studies have shown that a good online recommendation on social media drives a lot of bookings through apps and websites.

Millennials will be the prime customers of this industry in the next 5 years. They are the new globetrotters and will be a major part of the earning population in the future. A right combination of customization and technology with a personalized touch is the way to earn the loyalty of this generation. Studies suggest that by 2025, 50% of all global travelers would be millennials.

The future of the hotel industry is dynamic and engaging. Hotels which will find a perfect combination of ambiance, technology and marketing will drive the global travelers their way.